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The Bradley: A Wrist Watch for the Blind? (Kickstarter Review)

Funding Period: July 11th – August 15th Goal: $40,000 Reason: To be used for first round production of The Bradley: A timepiece designed to touch and see They call it a time piece, not a watch because you don’t have to watch it to tell the time 🙂 .  At Smile and Mobile we like … Continue reading

Privacy Concern? Our Ads are now watching us #Optimeyes

Advertising is an essential part of business.  It does not matter how great your product or service is, if nobody knows about it, you will not be in business for very long.  It is for this reason that companies dedicate a significant part of their revenue every quarter to Advertising.  Traditional mediums like television and … Continue reading

Spying! A database of all our conversation is being created? I am talking to you Shazam :)

You know with all the hullabaloo around Edward Snowden and the US government Spying on our phone records, you would think that spying is a brand new issue in the world!  uhhmmm No 🙂 At Smile and Mobile we already told you how there are a number of ways already in existence that can facilitate … Continue reading

The only app you need when you visit a new city :) #foursquare


Download this app and get the new JAY Z Album for free……………

Update (6/24/2013) :NOW AVAILABLE AT GOOGLE STORE…. CLICK HERE …………….On June 24th We forgot to mention that part on the headline 🙂 Hey we wanted you to get excited! Yes, Mr. Beyonce aka Jay Z has teamed up with Samsung to bring his new album (Magna Carter Holy Grail) to all Samsung users for free! … Continue reading

Download this App and never lose your phone again (Video Blog) #whereismyandroid

In this video we will talk about an app that you should make sure you have on your phone to prevent theft.

FREE—- Mobile Data and Voice PLAN!! #freedompop

Remember NetZero? The company that gave you internet access for FREE. I certainly do, while other telephone carriers were charging as much as $50/month for dial up internet, NetZero gave it away for free. At the time, they generated revenue through a patented advertising model.  It was a revolutionary business model, and as a result … Continue reading

How to turn your Mobile phone into a Wifi Hotspot

Simple steps to turn Samsung Galaxy S3 into wifi hotspot

How to project your Android Mobile Phone to your Computer Monitor

Project your phone on the screen To project your android phone screen to your computer you will need three things:’ 1) Android SDK Platform-tools: You can download this at the link below: 2) Download Android@screen 3) Download Java for your operating system if you like this blog you might also like: How … Continue reading

Control your phone with your mind – The Jedi knights are coming!

Picture this, you are on a date and it’s not going so well.  You would like to send a text to your friend, to ask them to call you with an emergency.  This would give you the excuse to make a break for it :).   There is only one problem, if you pull out … Continue reading


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