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5 Day Hackathon Bus ride coming to Africa (Indiegogo Review) #startupbus #startupbusafrica #indiegogo

Funding Period: September 13th – October 13th Goal: 10,000 EURO Reason: 5 days Hackathon on a Mobile Bus through Africa. Startup Bus is coming to Africa!  If you don’t know about Startup Bus, it is a unique hackathon where teams of designers,  developers and entrepreneurs compete on a bus as they travel together for a … Continue reading

New Mosquito Repellent Device will make you INVISIBLE!!!!!!! (Indiegogo Review)

Company: ieCrowd Crowdsourcing website: indiegogo Funding Period: July 15th – August 29th Goal: $75,000 Reason: To be used for first round production of the Kite Patch, which will be tested in Uganda Nobody likes mosquitoes, they are annoying, tiny little vampires.  They land on your skin without you even noticing, and leave horrendous bumps when … Continue reading

The Bradley: A Wrist Watch for the Blind? (Kickstarter Review)

Funding Period: July 11th – August 15th Goal: $40,000 Reason: To be used for first round production of The Bradley: A timepiece designed to touch and see They call it a time piece, not a watch because you don’t have to watch it to tell the time 🙂 .  At Smile and Mobile we like … Continue reading


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