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How to Make Free International Calls when you travel! (video) #talkatone #googlevoice

In this video we show you how to make free international Calls over Wifi. To do this you will need too phone apps which are available on both android and IOS 1) Google Voice: for Android, for IOS 2) Talkataone: for Android, for IOS It is best you download and setup google voice first since … Continue reading

Stream your own LIVE shows like the Mayweather Canelo PPV stream

In this video we will show you how to stream your own live shows using the livestream application

How to display your ipad or Iphone to your computer (review)

In this video we will go over how to display your Ipad on to your computer screen. We will do this using airserver application If you like this blog you may also like: How to project your android phone to your computer

How to turn your Mobile phone into a Wifi Hotspot

Simple steps to turn Samsung Galaxy S3 into wifi hotspot

How to project your Android Mobile Phone to your Computer Monitor

Project your phone on the screen To project your android phone screen to your computer you will need three things:’ 1) Android SDK Platform-tools: You can download this at the link below: 2) Download Android@screen 3) Download Java for your operating system if you like this blog you might also like: How … Continue reading

(Video Blog) Battery available, not charging solution #batterynotcharging

Had a laptop battery issue today and decided to share the solution with you guys. If you like this video you may also like: Understanding Twitter


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