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SmartHUD Demo: Information App mounted on car dashboard

App name: SmartHUD Website: Description: SmartHUD is an innovative, smartphone-powered, portable Head-Up Display (HUD) that attaches to your car’s windshield. It integrates navigation, text messaging and music in an easy-to-use app that is controlled by a Bluetooth thumb pad attached to the steering wheel. SmartHUD solves the problem of drivers being distracted by … Continue reading

Blackberry waves the white flag! Releasing Messenger (BBM) for Iphone and Android

In the early part of the decade Blackberry  ruled the world.  They were new, they were happening, they were an essential part of any businessman or woman’s toolkit.  These innovative,  sleek devices allowed individuals stay up to date on emails, and appointments better than any other phone on the market. The keypad was great for sending … Continue reading

Made in Africa? African Fashion e-retailers: Giddimint and Heel the World make their move!

The business of online fashion is well established in the United States.  Most American brick and mortar retailers have an online presence.  Charles Thyrwitt, Men’s Wearhouse, Victoria’s Secret are just a few of these established companies with strong  internet presence.  The internet revolution has also made it possible for strictly online retailers to achieve considerable … Continue reading

Its 2013, where are the flying cars?? Click here to find out! :) #terrafugia

On the website of Terrafugia the tagline reads, “we make flying cars”.  Yes!  I remember watching “Back to the Future” in the 80s. My favorite scene was when Doc Brown came back to 1985 to take Marty Mcfly to the future.  As they prepared to speed into the future,  Marty commented that they may not … Continue reading

This App can detect Malaria! #Matibabu

We told you about the Kite Patch, a new innovative mosquito repellent device that makes you invisible to mosquitoes.  Now if you didn’t get that patch and the anopheles mosquito was able to locate you, you might have malaria. But how will you know for sure? The Conventional way is to go to the hospital, … Continue reading

Watch out Silicon Valley, African Tech Hubs are on the rise!

Technology is the catalyst that sparks change in any society.  Throughout history there is one common theme, any country that experiences a technological revolution also enjoys a  subsequent economic transformation.  Happened in America, happened in Japan, happened with the Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore,South Korea, Taiwan).  So it is no surprise that today most countries … Continue reading

Travel 300 miles in just 30min!!! This could happen very soon.#Hyperloop #Elonmusk

What is this I hear??? Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk released a plan for a futuristic transportation idea called the Hyperloop.  What he is proposing, is the transportation of traveler on a cart  inside  a tube with reduced air pressure.  The reduced air pressure will allow the cart to go  at speeds close to the speed … Continue reading

Jumia investors looking to launch Taxi hailing service in Nigeria #EasyTaxi

According to the world bank, consumer spending plays a large part in Africa’s economic growth, and it is almost 5% higher than the world consumer spending average .  Translation, Africans are getting wealthier and they have money to spend.  Over the next 50 years, the middle class in Africa is expected to triple to over … Continue reading

Facial Recognition Payments is here! Is Facial Recognition Voting next?!?

So you are in the city and you have lost your wallet.  You need to take the train back home, but you also lost the train ticket. What do you do?!?  I am sure we have all experienced this at one time or the other in our lives.  When it does happen, we usually have … Continue reading

New Mosquito Repellent Device will make you INVISIBLE!!!!!!! (Indiegogo Review)

Company: ieCrowd Crowdsourcing website: indiegogo Funding Period: July 15th – August 29th Goal: $75,000 Reason: To be used for first round production of the Kite Patch, which will be tested in Uganda Nobody likes mosquitoes, they are annoying, tiny little vampires.  They land on your skin without you even noticing, and leave horrendous bumps when … Continue reading


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