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SmartHUD Demo: Information App mounted on car dashboard

App name: SmartHUD Website: Description: SmartHUD is an innovative, smartphone-powered, portable Head-Up Display (HUD) that attaches to your car’s windshield. It integrates navigation, text messaging and music in an easy-to-use app that is controlled by a Bluetooth thumb pad attached to the steering wheel. SmartHUD solves the problem of drivers being distracted by … Continue reading

This App can detect Malaria! #Matibabu

We told you about the Kite Patch, a new innovative mosquito repellent device that makes you invisible to mosquitoes.  Now if you didn’t get that patch and the anopheles mosquito was able to locate you, you might have malaria. But how will you know for sure? The Conventional way is to go to the hospital, … Continue reading

African app review (episode 2) – Matatu – Ugandan Card game

In this video we review that app Matatu. The app was developed by Kola Studios in Uganda:

African App review (episode 1 Video) – Efiko – Mobile Quiz Platform

Review of the Nigerian App Efiko. Efiko is a mobile social quiz platform made in Nigeria to help students improve their skills in Maths, Physics, English, Government etc

Bang With Friends Facebook App Demo + trick to find out which friends already have the app!

The People have spoken, and we at Smile and mobile have responded. Enjoy. Trick: If you want to find out which of your facebook friends also use this app all you need to do is paste this link into your web browswer: If you like this blog you may also like: Facebook Friends (with … Continue reading

Spying! A database of all our conversation is being created? I am talking to you Shazam :)

You know with all the hullabaloo around Edward Snowden and the US government Spying on our phone records, you would think that spying is a brand new issue in the world!  uhhmmm No 🙂 At Smile and Mobile we already told you how there are a number of ways already in existence that can facilitate … Continue reading

Jay Z album out Today! first 1 million Samsung users who downloaded the app can listen

We tested it today, and it does not seem to be working. We were stuck on the download bar and none of the songs played. We are not alone in our frustruation.  Here are some of the reviews from the google store: ————————————————————- Oliver Schinkten – July 4, 2013 – Version 2  Doesn’t work The app does … Continue reading

These apps will recognize any song playing on the Radio! #Shazam

This is not new, but these song identifying apps are getting better. Shazam (for IOS, for Android, for Windows, for black berry) may be the most popular but it is definetely not the only one. Here are a few others 1) Soundhound (for android, for IOS, for Windows) 2)MusiXmatch (for IOS, for Android, for windows) 3)spot … Continue reading

The only app you need when you visit a new city :) #foursquare


Download this app and get the new JAY Z Album for free……………

Update (6/24/2013) :NOW AVAILABLE AT GOOGLE STORE…. CLICK HERE …………….On June 24th We forgot to mention that part on the headline 🙂 Hey we wanted you to get excited! Yes, Mr. Beyonce aka Jay Z has teamed up with Samsung to bring his new album (Magna Carter Holy Grail) to all Samsung users for free! … Continue reading


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