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Ananse: The Origin

New Game from Ghanaian Gaming Company, Leti Arts Advertisements

5 Day Hackathon Bus ride coming to Africa (Indiegogo Review) #startupbus #startupbusafrica #indiegogo

Funding Period: September 13th – October 13th Goal: 10,000 EURO Reason: 5 days Hackathon on a Mobile Bus through Africa. Startup Bus is coming to Africa!  If you don’t know about Startup Bus, it is a unique hackathon where teams of designers,  developers and entrepreneurs compete on a bus as they travel together for a … Continue reading

A Real world “Star Wars”, Robot Astronauts in Space…..C3P0 is that you?

However far modern science and techniques have fallen short of their inherent possibilities, they have taught mankind at least one lesson; nothing is impossible. —Lewis Mumford This quote is something I truly believe.  Every great piece of innovation was once thought to be impossible.  If you can think of it, it can be done! Once … Continue reading

Interswitch now accepts VISA, as Nigerian Payment Processors jostle for position!

Interswitch is the numero uno payment Gateway in Nigeria (although ETRANZACT might have something to say about that!).  With the infrastructure they have in place, Nigerians and surrounding African countries have been able to integrate e-payments onto their websites, and the companies growth has been essential for the growth of e-commerce in Nigeria.  Interswitch recently … Continue reading

SmartHUD Demo: Information App mounted on car dashboard

App name: SmartHUD Website: Description: SmartHUD is an innovative, smartphone-powered, portable Head-Up Display (HUD) that attaches to your car’s windshield. It integrates navigation, text messaging and music in an easy-to-use app that is controlled by a Bluetooth thumb pad attached to the steering wheel. SmartHUD solves the problem of drivers being distracted by … Continue reading

Blackberry waves the white flag! Releasing Messenger (BBM) for Iphone and Android

In the early part of the decade Blackberry  ruled the world.  They were new, they were happening, they were an essential part of any businessman or woman’s toolkit.  These innovative,  sleek devices allowed individuals stay up to date on emails, and appointments better than any other phone on the market. The keypad was great for sending … Continue reading

Stream your own LIVE shows like the Mayweather Canelo PPV stream

In this video we will show you how to stream your own live shows using the livestream application

On the Scene: Global Youth Summit, San Juan Costa Rica

Smile and Mobile visits the Global Youth Summit in San Juan, Costa Rica. This summit was hosted by the Costa Rican Government and organized by the ITU (International Telecommuniation Union) in conjunction with other people in industry and media. Youths Descended on Costa Rica from all over the world to participate in workshop discussions on … Continue reading

African App Review Series (episode 3) – Na Asu Igbo

Smile and Mobile review the language app Na-Asu Igbo. This app is designed to help give beginners a better understanding of the igbo language. It was created by the Ikenga Development Group at

Made in Africa? African Fashion e-retailers: Giddimint and Heel the World make their move!

The business of online fashion is well established in the United States.  Most American brick and mortar retailers have an online presence.  Charles Thyrwitt, Men’s Wearhouse, Victoria’s Secret are just a few of these established companies with strong  internet presence.  The internet revolution has also made it possible for strictly online retailers to achieve considerable … Continue reading


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