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Blackberry waves the white flag! Releasing Messenger (BBM) for Iphone and Android

In the early part of the decade Blackberry  ruled the world.  They were new, they were happening, they were an essential part of any businessman or woman’s toolkit.  These innovative,  sleek devices allowed individuals stay up to date on emails, and appointments better than any other phone on the market. The keypad was great for sending texts at lightning speed.  Anybody who was important had one, and having a blackberry showed that you were a successful businessman/woman on the go.  Fast Forward to 2013, Samsung and the Apple phones can pretty much do everything the BB can do and much more.  Owning a blackberry now is an indication that you are clearly clueless.  Most of the world switched away, but in Africa Blackberry is still holding strong.  Why? one reason and one reason only, Blackberry Messenger (BBM).  Blackberry messenger allowed people with blackberry devices to send messages to each other for free. This feature bears little importance in America since all phone plans offer unlimited text.  However,  in Africa texting cost money, so for most of the population BBM is the cheapest solution.  It is also a low cost way for Africans in the diaspora to stay  connected with family in Africa.  Well by the end of the week Blackberry will be releasing BBM for Android and Iphone.  There is officially no longer any reason to own a blackberry.  This move seems to indicate that blackberry is waving the white flag in the mobile phone market.  They are  packing it in folks, maybe they can focus on software 🙂

Once upon a time Blackberry ruled the world, and today they don’t because they got complacent and forgot to follow the golden rule here at Smile and Mobile.  Blackberry is out of the game because they forgot to …………………….Stay Mobile



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