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Its 2013, where are the flying cars?? Click here to find out! :) #terrafugia

On the website of Terrafugia the tagline reads, “we make flying cars”.  Yes!  I remember watching “Back to the Future” in the 80s. My favorite scene was when Doc Brown came back to 1985 to take Marty Mcfly to the future.  As they prepared to speed into the future,  Marty commented that they may not have enough road to get the Delorean (the car/time machine!!) up to 88 miles per hour.  At this point Doc Brown uttered those famous words, “Roads? where we are going we don’t need roads”  He was referring to 2015, apparently in 1985 we believed that in 2015 everybody would be using flying cars!

Well we are about to cross into 2014, and it does not look like those back to the future type flying cars are anywhere close to being created. Terrafugia is not about to let that happen! This Massachusetts based company is determined to set the tone for the flying car industry and they have made a bold new start with their first production, the Transition.  The Transition is a street safe airplane with wings that can fold.  It can fit into a regular garage and take off from an airport.  The transition is an excellent first start, I prefer to think of it as a “driving plane” rather than a “flying car” since it is a plane that you can park in your house, but its a great start.

The Transition is nice, but but we are really excited about the concept design they released for a future product, the TF-X.   The TF-X  is a car that takes off like a helicopter so you don’t need a runway.  Once you are in the air the propellers fold away and booster engine takes over flying at speeds of 200 miles per hour.  This is would have been cool enough but terrafugia has extra plans:  this car might actually be able to fly itself!!  You heard me correctly 🙂 You will be able to plug in your destination and the car takes you there. When you get to the location, the car will decide if it is safe enough to land.  This is great, and we hope terrafugia can see it through. We give this Company 2 thumbs way way up for their innovation and we know with their flying cars they will have no problem at all ……………….staying mobile


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