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The next Youtube Millionaire could come out of Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal or Uganda!

What do Sxephil, happyslip, awkwardblackgirl have in common?  They are all American Vloggers (video bloggers) and Youtube Partners that have successfully created very lucrative careers making video content for Youtube.  In 2012, Google announced that the top partners were making over $23,000/month on Ads alone!!!  This does not include, the money they make on their various websites and other affiliated businesses.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, top Youtube performers make more money than Doctors and Investment Bankers!

So how can you make this type of money?  Well first you have to be a Youtube partner, and this will allow you monetize your video.  In the past becoming a youtube partner was very difficult, you had to be selected by youtube based on your viewership.  Today it is much easier as long as it is available in your region.  The Youtube Partner Program is only available in a select number of countries around the world.  In Africa, only people living in South Africa can take advantage of this program. All this is about to change as Google just announced they are expanding the partner program to 4 more African countries!  People living in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Senegal  will now be able to monetize their videos and make some sweet Naira, Cedis, Shilling, CFA and even some dollars :).  We have already seen African bloggers like Nigeria’s Linda Ikeji obtain considerable success online through blogging, now it is only a matter of time before we start to see successful vloggers all over the continent.  This could also be a game changer in the film industry!  Nollywood film makers might even be able to generate their own revenue without needing to use online distributors like Irokotv.

So people of Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Senegal, join the Youtube Partner program,  get those cameras out, make sure the lighting is right, and as always………………………………Stay Mobile!



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