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This App can detect Malaria! #Matibabu

We told you about the Kite Patch, a new innovative mosquito repellent device that makes you invisible to mosquitoes.  Now if you didn’t get that patch and the anopheles mosquito was able to locate you, you might have malaria. But how will you know for sure? The Conventional way is to go to the hospital, and get your blood drawn for analysis. Getting pricked by a needle all the time is never fun,  I know I don’t like getting pricked all the time.  That is why a group of developers (Code 8) out of Uganda, have figured out a way around this with their new windows app, Matibabu.  Matibabu which stands for “treatment” in Swahili, offers a quick way to diagnose malaria without the need to draw blood.  This windows app makes use of a specially designed device known as a Matiscope. All the user needs to do is insert his or her finger into this Matiscope, which is connected to the windows phone.  You click the diaganose button on the Matibabu app and it will send a series of red light signals to penetrate the skin and detect red blood cells.


This is a great app and an excellent example of African entrepreneurs designing products to satisfy African needs.  Apparently many people agree, as Matibabu won the women’s empowerment award at the imagine cup in Russia this year! So great job Code 8, your Matibabu app is a great example of African innovation and determination……………………………………Stay Mobile!



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