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Facial Recognition Payments is here! Is Facial Recognition Voting next?!?

So you are in the city and you have lost your wallet.  You need to take the train back home, but you also lost the train ticket. What do you do?!?  I am sure we have all experienced this at one time or the other in our lives.  When it does happen, we usually have to resort to begging in order to secure enough funds to get home, not the most ideal situation.  Now what if you didn’t need that wallet, or the cash or credit card?  What if you could just walk up to the ticket counter, look into a camera and have the system automatically recognize who you are.  Then you can make the payment just by pushing the approve button!!  That sounds pretty sweet right?  Well it exists!  A Finnish company by the name of Uniqul has developed the worlds first facial recognition payment application, and it could revolutionize the industry.

If this catches on, the credit card could indeed be a thing of the past, in fact it might put a real damper on the growing mobile payments space.   After all, you can lose your phone and your wallet, but your face will always be there!  Watch out Google wallet!

Commercial use of facial recognition technology has been growing rapidly.  We told you how some companies have used the technology to figure out who is looking at their ads.  Now let us give you a few more ideas;

  1. Facial recognition to get into your house,

  2. to Start your car?

  3. How about Facial Recognition to Vote.  With the current Voter ID fiasco in Texas this one could be very helpful.

Now we have to play devils advocate for a bit.  I hope this software is accurate. If two people have similar facial features, cant it tell them apart???.  It would be pretty unfortunate if Tanvir Akta could access the Presidents account!


Or if Chris Dorner was able to hide out in LL cool Js House!


Psy the Gangnam style guy could get access to North Korea’s Nuclear codes!!! 🙂

As long as it is accurate this software will be nice to have, of course there will be more cameras in the world, and a lot less privacy, but we have come to expect that in today’s mobile world.  That is why we never stand still, we always…………………Stay Mobile! 🙂



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