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New Mosquito Repellent Device will make you INVISIBLE!!!!!!! (Indiegogo Review)

Company: ieCrowd

Crowdsourcing website: indiegogo

Funding Period: July 15th – August 29th

Goal: $75,000

Reason: To be used for first round production of the Kite Patch, which will be tested in Uganda


Nobody likes mosquitoes, they are annoying, tiny little vampires.  They land on your skin without you even noticing, and leave horrendous bumps when they have finished feasting on your blood muhahahahahah.

That is not even the worst part, the insufferable sound they give off whenever they are near you has to be their most annoying quality.  You know they are around when you hear the buzz, but you also understand that there is nothing you can really do to keep them away………………….Or is there?

The team at the ieCrowd (Innovation economy Crowd) believe they have figured out the perfect answer.  It is not the mosquito net, nor is it the the Raid or Sheltox bug spray. No, they believe they can repel Mosquitoes by making us all invisible!  Calm down people, they have not invented Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility.  What they have invented is the Kite Patch, which they claim that when worn will make human beings undetectable to Mosquitoes for up to 48 hours. Mosquitoes usually track us by smelling the carbon dioxide we release when we breath, and the kite patch is suppose to disrupt that carbon dioxide, so that the mosquitoes cannot track us.

The jury is still out on whether this will be effective.  I remember being overjoyed at the existence of the Mosquito repellent app for the iphone.  I downloaded it before my last trip to Africa, and you know what, I think the app actually attracted the mosquitoes! 🙂 But we will give the Kite patch a chance.  If it works, it can help reduce the transmission of mosquito borne diseases like Malaria and Dengue Fever that are found in many countries across  Africa and Asia, and the West Nile virus which has been expanding rapidly in the Americas.

Visit the Indiegogo Campaign over here and donate to the cause.  If it works you will be able to sit outside late at night without the need to swat away those miniscule blood suckers. If it doesn’t work, there is only one thing you can do………….……………………Stay Mobile! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “New Mosquito Repellent Device will make you INVISIBLE!!!!!!! (Indiegogo Review)

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    Posted by Mark Rozer | September 26, 2013, 8:13 am

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