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The Bradley: A Wrist Watch for the Blind? (Kickstarter Review)

Funding Period: July 11th – August 15th
Goal: $40,000
Reason: To be used for first round production of The Bradley: A timepiece designed to touch and see

They call it a time piece, not a watch because you don’t have to watch it to tell the time 🙂 .  At Smile and Mobile we like a great story,  Add some innovation to a great story and we are ecstatic!  That is why we have to let you know about “The Bradley”.  “The Bradley” is a watch designed to help you  tell the time just by touching the watch.  It was named after Lt. Bradley Snyder a Veteran who lost his eyesight in an IED explosion in Afghanistan.  The best part of this story is Bradley did not allow this tragedy overcome him.  He started training, and made it all the way to the paralympics for swimming, where he won two gold medals for the good ol US of A.  A couple of MIT alums heard his story, and empathized with his desire to continue his life without having to depend on people. This inspired them to design a watch that blind people could use.  It consists of two metal balls. One for the minutes and one for the hour. At any given time you can touch the watch and you will be able to feel where the hour or the minute ball is.

The Bradley is not just functional, it is also fashionable and we agree with the designers belief that it can be used by everybody not just the blind.  I can remember being in an absolutely horrendous interview that was slated to last 30 minutes.  I had to use every inch of willpower not to look down at my watch.  If I had the Bradley I wouldn’t have to!  So check out their Kickstarter campaign and remember…………………….Stay Mobile!



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