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IROKING = Pandora/Spotify for Africa, the digital music revolution continues

Iroko Partners exploded on to the scene in September of 2010, and they don’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.  The Nigerian company best known for IrokoTv, the worlds largest distributor of African movies, is also the largest distributor of digital African Music. That’s right, Iroking was launched in 2012 and has been moving quickly to dominate the expanding african digital music space.  Earlier in the year they inked a deal with the Largest social Network in Nigeria, Eskimi.  Then 2 months later they inked a similar deal with another fast growing mobile network, 2GO.   Most people in North America may have never heard of either of these companies, but it should be noted that in Africa, Facebook is not the number one social network, that accolade belongs to Eskimi.  Since they came to Nigeria in 2010, Eskimi has since amassed over 6 Million users.  One of their greatest penetration points was the social networks ability to function on older phones.  This is how they were able to corner the market, and IROKING recognizes this.  On Eskimi, IROKING have created a digital music channel that will allow users of Eskimi to download, share and chat about music through their mobile phones.


This is yet another example of the digital equalizing trend happening all over africa,  IrokoTV = hulu/netflix, Iroking = pandora/spotify.  African entrepreneurs continue to innovate and with Iroking’s partnership with mobile social networks like Eskimi and 2GO, they are definitely showing their long term plans to ……………………Stay Mobile! 🙂

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