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Privacy Concern? Our Ads are now watching us #Optimeyes

Advertising is an essential part of business.  It does not matter how great your product or service is, if nobody knows about it, you will not be in business for very long.  It is for this reason that companies dedicate a significant part of their revenue every quarter to Advertising.  Traditional mediums like television and radio are often used.  However, these methods have a disadvantages in that you never really know for sure who was looking at your ad.   The internet has improved this a lot, with the internet you can tell if your ad was effective, because people would click on the ad and maybe make a purchase.  However, there is still the issue of faulty demographic information.  With all the fake user accounts created on the internet, companies cannot confidently identify the demographics of their customers.  Enter Amscreen and their new technology Optimeyes.  Optimeyes has been applied to digital signage in different locations in Europe.  With Optimeyes, a camera with digital detection technology is mounted on on the digital ads in various locations.  When a customer looks at the Ad, the cameras will zoom in on their faces and determine their gender, age and race.  This information is then pinged back to a database for future analysis.  This is revolutionary because companies will now be able to see who is looking at the ad and maybe even change the ad instantly based on their bio.

Amscreen says they do not store the information or identify the name of the person looking at the Ad, that is why they call it Facial detection and not Facial recognition, but with all the spying scandals, who really knows 🙂  Amscreen was not the first company to roll out this type of technology. NEC rolled out similar facial recognition ads in Japan more than three years ago

The future is bright for advertisers. more targeted ads, means more revenue and for everybody else just a little bit less privacy 🙂 ………………………………. Stay Mobile



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