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Spying! A database of all our conversation is being created? I am talking to you Shazam :)

You know with all the hullabaloo around Edward Snowden and the US government Spying on our phone records, you would think that spying is a brand new issue in the world!  uhhmmm No 🙂 At Smile and Mobile we already told you how there are a number of ways already in existence that can facilitate spying.  Its the digital age, there is nothing we can do about it, our phones give off our GPS locations, our ip addresses are recorded on websites, there is a camera on every street.  Peoples cell phones can be turned into surveillance tools (the Tsarnaev brothers know about this one).  There are even apps like Shazam, that can turn our phones into listening devices! 🙂

Well to be fair to Shazam that is not exactly its purpose.  Shazam is an excellent app that is used to recognize music and movies playing in the background. With Shazam, all you need to do is turn on the app and it will automatically identify the name of the song playing in the background.   Pretty awesome!  However, this is not where the potential spying comes in.  Shazam has recently made an update to its IPAD IOS app called Autotagging.  What this means is, your Ipads microphone will continuously listen and tag all audio within its reach and ping the database to identify what song it is. This will then be sent to a personal queue that the user can listen to at a later time and possibly purchase.  Pretty nice feature…….but wait!!! The microphone is picking up EVERYTHING playing in the background, ALL THE TIME and pinging a database! hmmmm.

Video demo of Shazam

With 325 Millions users of Shazam, and a number of other copycat apps, I would say that we have a lot more to worry about in the spying arena than the NSA.  It is the world we live in today, with great innovation we have to give up a little bit of that privacy, and there is really no way around it,  even if we………………………….Stay Mobile 🙂

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