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African Internet Router, the “BRCK” keeps on trucking even after the power goes out!!

It is rugged, durable and can withstand different environmental conditions.  I guess that is why they call it the BRCK 🙂 . Ushahidi, a Kenyan Software company, best known for its conflict crowd sourcing software, is moving into the hardware arena.

Juliana Rotich, Executive Director of Ushahidi discussed the BRCK at the TED conference

The BRCK  is a new kind of router built specifically for the African landscape.

The top selling point for the BRCK is its ability to keep running even when the electricity goes out.  That is why they often refer to it as “your backup generator for the internet”.  The router stays functional for an additional 8 hours after the power goes out, thanks to some very good battery life. When the power is on, the BRCK can also handle a range of voltages, a very necessary feature in Africa since there is constant power fluctuation. In addition, the BRCK can charge efficiently off Solar. It works like a normal router when the power is on and fails over to the nearest GSM network when the electricity goes out.  It has multiple sim capability, this allows the router to look for the best network, in much the same way that a mobile phone does.

3G based Wifi connectivity is nothing new, MIFI has that area covered, but.the BRCK is like the MIFI on steroids! and we are looking forward to the launch in November, 2013…………………….Stay Mobile!

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