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Forget the NSA, anybody can be a spy with with this app #mobilemonitoring

Spying is the trending word these days.  Ever since whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed to the UK guardian that the NSA had a Data Mining program that involved the phone records of every american, the world has become very interested in spying.  However,  long before Snowden broke the big story and fled to China, people have been using technology to spy on each other.

Land lines and the early mobile phones previously used analog technology.  This means the process they used to transmit the data from one location to another was through an electronic pulse, which would be received at the other end by an antennae (like radio and TV antennas) .  These phones could easily be intercepted with any portable scanning device.  If you wanted to be really sinister you could just put a listening device in the handset of the land line and record everything (Remember Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky?!)

Eventually, we moved to digital phones which were harder to listen to for the amateur, but definitely not impossible.  With digital phones, the audio was broken down into a binary format and reassembled into audio at the final destination.

What about spying on the internet? forget about it!!  EVERYTHING you do online is tracked.  We told you how third party cookies are stored on your browsers, and in today’s world, advertisers are constantly spying on our browsing activity.

With smart phones it just got a whole lot easier to be a spy.  Anybody can be a spy now! So your mission today, if you chose to accept is to spy on anybody with an Android phone with the SPY PHONE app.

The Spy phone app allows you to track peoples phone calls, web browsing activity and text messages.  Want to know what your kids are up to? this is the app for you.  Wondering if your spouse is cheating, Now you can catch them red handed :).

You can also turn into turn into a journalist and uncover the spy! If you chose to accept this mission you will need the ANTI SPY MOBILE FREE app.  This app can be used to detect and remove spy software on your mobile phone!

According to the developer this app uses specialized detection techniques and can even uncover spyware that are online right now

Disclaimer:  Now here are Smile and Mobile we are techies and not lawyers.  In many countries it is illegal to to eavesdrop without permission.  So if you are in one of those countries and you engage in illegal activity, you do so at your own risk. You might get into trouble with the law, and if this happens, you better do like Edward Snowden and…………………….Stay Mobile 🙂

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