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Talking Cars? #Siri

Apple is integrating their IOs7 apps; siri and apple maps into car consoles.  So I think we can finally say it, we now have talking cars! 🙂

Siri is an intelligent personal Assistant that answers voice questions and makes recommendations.  It has been extremely important for iphone users, and now drivers can enjoy it too.  Imagine driving down the street and asking your car to list your upcoming appointments or to send an email.  Now you can do it!


If you were around in the 80s, you remember the series Knight Rider.  In this show David Hasselhoff played a daring adventurer Michael Knight.  He saved the world everyday with his self driving and talking car, Kitt (Knight Industries Two Thousand).  Everybody who watched that .show has always wondered when this type of technology would be a possible


Well Google is working on the cars that drive themselves, and now Apple is working on the talking car part.  The future is here!! …………….Stay Mobile



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