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The next big Acquisition?……………whatsapp



It looks like there is another Instagram-like deal in the making.  Smile and Mobile has just discovered that Google may be acquiring Whatsapp for the grand sum of 1 Billion dollars
!(Dr Evil would be so proud! ).

Whatsapp is a free messaging service that allows its users to chat across different platforms (eg blackberry users can chat with iphone users).  Its amazing that a messaging app would be worth $1B, but then again instagram was just an app that allowed you to take pictures and post directly to facebook!

Boy, google does not play around, That was the same price tag they gave up for Youtube, hard to believe a messaging app gets the same valuation as youtube! Folks the app world is heating up.  Apps are sexy, they are the new startup, and this possible mega deal is another reminder of that……………….

Stay Mobile!



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