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Is Summly the future of search? #Summly

So………summarizing articles into a few sentences is now worth $30million dollars??  I really should have spent more time in my computer programming classes.  Yahoo has recently bought the new startup Summly.  Get this, the founder is only 17 years old!  What is summly?  Summly is an app that aims to solve the problem of the way news articles are presented on mobile phones.  In their words, the Summly app will present news, in a beautiful and concise format.  Apparently, the Summly algorithm is way better than every other algorithm on the market, because over 200,000 people downloaded it in the first month!   Well it belongs to Yahoo now, let us see if yahoo can use this little bit of innovation, to dig itself out of the 10 year funk (aka the google funk! )

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