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Where are the ladies? this app can help you :) #girlsaroundme

As if the internet was not creepy enough, now there is an app that tells you what girls (and guys) are near you at any given time. This app is appropriately called girlsaroundme app 🙂 (available on IOS)

In order to use this app, you need to have a foursquare account.  Foursquare is a location based mobile service device.  It allows users to check in at different locations on a map. Example, you visit Starbucks, and check-in to that location(on your smart phone).  Everybody will now be able to see that you are at Starbucks.

The girlsaroundme app will show you all the girls that have checked in close to you.  You can see their picture, which is pulled from facebook and hey presto…..start stalking!!


Be careful where you check-in!! It is no longer just your friends that are watching LOL

Stay Mobile!

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