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Make a gun in your own home, by just the push of a button?? #3dprinting

At CES 2013, Formlabs released the first desktop 3D printer.  It is a stereo lithography printer for your table.  Stereo lithography is a technology used for producing models and prototypes etc.  You can design your product in CAD and print out a 3D version of it!

Previously you would have needed a large factory to get this done.  Now you need a computer and a desktop stereolithography(3D)printer .  In the video below the Co-Founder of Formlabs talks about the technology.

This is amazing technology.  Now you can think up an idea, design the prototype and print it right in your room.  There seems to be no limit to the possibilities.  A non profit called Defense Distributed is taking this to heart.  They have figured out how to produce 3D printable guns, and recently got a license from the US to sell these! yikes! Cant we have 3D printable peace!! 🙂 3d printable dolls maybe 🙂

watch out for the 3D bullets, you better Stay Mobile !



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