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Google is making talking shoes now? #sxsw #talkingshoes #googleapps #google

At the  South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW), Google unveiled a talking shoe!  Apparently, it says things to you depending on what you are doing.  If you are jogging and start to slow down, the shoe might yell out motivational words.  If you are playing basketball, it might start to talk trash!

Now if you are thinking that this is the most useless Google product you have ever seen, have no fear, they don’t plan on releasing this.  It is just a prototype to show what is possible with data and interaction with the surroundings….whew!

However, this shows you that  the age of interactive clothing is here.  I will leave you with a clip from back to the future, clothing like this might not be too far away………………..Stay Mobile



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