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You guessed it, another dating app (Hinge) #datingapp

The Online Dating industry is a $1B dollar industry.  There is no longer a stigma to finding love online.  As a result, thousands of apps have been popping up everywhere, looking to help the lonely hearts find love.  A lot of dating sites put up fake profiles and lure people into signing up based on these phony profiles.  We have told you about a few apps that are using facebook to get around this.  Facebook is good, because for the most part, you know the people are real. You can see their friend list, and even their real name.  So it makes sense that facebook will increasingly be used as the dating database for  apps in the future.  Hinge (available on IOS) is one of those apps that is taking advantage of the vast amount of people on facebook to make matches.  Here is how it works, Hinge will give you 5 facebook “friends of your friends” to rate everyday. You will then show up in their secret admirer list.  If they also rate you high, hey presto a match is born. You will both receive a note, and the rest is up to you!
Now I am thinking, you might want to make sure you are not liking people with the same mutual friends…you may start to get a stalkery reputation!!! Aside from that, download this app and start matching up!

Stay Mobile!

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