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Manage your money better with this app

If you are like me, you don’t know a debit from a credit, the left side of the ledger from the right 🙂  I remember my dad use to balance his check books…balance a check book!! what is that?  It sounds crazy, but today we are not very good at managing our money. We have no concept of how much we pay out daily. No idea what we pay in taxes,Nobody makes a budget.  If a hacker stole $2 dollars from your account every week….would you notice? Probably not!

The new app I will tell you about is effin Awesome!  It is called mint.  You link all your account to the phone and it does all the work of organising your spending for you.  You will no where every dime goes, you will see nice pie charts and spread sheets 🙂
Dont worry it is very secure, you cannot move money from this app you can only view.

So download this app and remember …………….Stay Mobile 🙂



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