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Cyber Security series (part 1) Your Mac may be vulnerable to attacks #cybersecurity #cyberattacks

Our regular readers know how we feel about Cyber security.  With our world digitizing everyday, the need to keep our digital data safe is increasing.

Apple computer have been good about being virus free.  They don’t have as many vulnerabilities as Windows operating systems.  This does not mean that they dont get viruses.

Recently, it was discovered that viruses have been targeting apple computers through java.  Java is a programming language commonly used for many client server web applications.  For apple users to be able to use such applications, they need to download java, this is where the vulnerability occurs..

There is a fix available from apple to patch up this vulnerability.  Just visit this site and download the updated java patch.

If you want my opinion, I would just disable java altogether.  There are not that many sites that use java.  And if I ever ran into one that required it, I would enable my browser just for that one instance 🙂 Problem solved!

To disable java on safari: Go to preference and then security, then uncheck the java button

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