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New App for Foodies!

Whenever I go to a restaurant, I never know what to get.  Sure they give me the menu, and I peruse the items with intensity, but when I am hungry, I don’t like to take risks with my food. When my stomach is rumbling  I need to ensure that I order only what I know will be tasty.  Now if saw another person’s plate of food, and it looked good, then I might try that. But I find it difficult to get adventurous just from reading the words in the menu.
That is why this new Foodspotting app is so appealing to me.  It is an app that helps you locate interesting dishes close by, and the best  part, they have pictures!  My new favorite app!

So if you are somebody who wants to find new places to go, but needs visual confirmation that the menu is good, or you are and adventurous foodie, foodspotting is the app for you.

Smile and Mobile give it two thumbs way up!


for more information visit:



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