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Couple – An app for two! —because three is a crowd (sometimes)#valentines #appsforvalentine

We have told you about a number of apps, that help you find that special someone forever. or for one night 🙂  But in honor of Valentines day, we want to tell you about a social media app specifically meant for couples.  This app is called Couple.  Download this app, and provide the email address of your significant other, they will then be able to add the app, and both of you will be linked through Couple.  Only two people can be in a link. But you can have more than one link at a time (hey its 2013!)
Couple  comes with many cool features for couples to share throughout the day.  When you are both online at the same time, there is a chat feature.  There are also games and drawing tools.  The app is also stacked with tons of fun mushy features. One such feature allows a partner to press his thumb on the phone screen, this thumb image will show up on your partners screen, and once the other partner aligns his or her thumb with the image, the screen turns red………..awwwweee!! (single people try to hold in your gag reflex lol)….

However, without a doubt the coolest feature of this app is the ability to send pictures that are destroyed as soon as they are viewed by the other party!!! 🙂

So, for valentines day, your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to download Couple and get all romantic with that special someone! 🙂 …………you can also take her out to dinner too 🙂

to learn more go to:

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