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Need a date for a valentine? Try these apps #valentinesday #valentine

Here we go again, its that time of the year.  Red roses delivered to offices and classrooms. Your facebook newsfeed is inundated with pictures of hearts and chocolates. Sleepless in Seattle is playing on every TV station, and on the radio, the top 20 love songs. Poetry in the air, kissing in the rain…yada yada yada…you get the picture.

And you? Well for another year you are spending the day with a bucket of ice cream and leftover chinese food. Getting ready to hunker down and weather the one day advertisement storm (bigger than Nemo!) that is known as valentines day.


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Well it is time to break the trend! Life is short! You only get one shot at this life, so make it count and make your move 🙂 As always Smile and Mobile is here to help you out with some cool apps to help you find a date 🙂

In the past we have told you about okcupids Crazy blind date app and meetme app. We have also told you about Facebook Graph and its great potential as a dating tool. And of course who can forget the new bangwithfriend app!

Now here are two more apps: We would describe them as a combination of the meetme app (geolocation technology to find people near you) and facebook graph (selects people from facebook based on friend network)

  1. Lets date:  Available on IOS.  You get facebook pictures and profile information of single people in your area.  You indicate that you want to go on a date with them, if they also indicate they want to go out with you it the date is set
  2. tinder app: Available on IOS.  Same as “lets date” but they don’t have profile information. Its all about the pictures in this one 🙂

These apps cut out all the initial email courtship banter, and get right to the date.  So download away and have a happy valentine! (come back and tell us your stories!)


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