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Storm Nemo is coming are you tech ready #nemo #snowstorm #storm2013

Well it looks like this will be the storm of the century.  I just got back from stop and shop and the empty shelves indicate that everybody else agrees.  While stocking up on food is a good practice in preparation for the storm, there are a few other techie things you can do to stay ready,

Make sure you keep your phone charged and preserve the battery life.  Smile and Mobile recommends the following apps to get you through the storm:

1) Ping4alerts – Public Safety and local event information

2) American Redcross : They have a number of apps including: hurricane app, shelter app, first aid app, earthquake app, wildfire app

3) FEMA: Remember them? They have been in the news a lot lately, well they have an app that contains information on how to prepare for different disasters (Available for both android and IOS)

4) Flash light: turn your phone into a flash light (Remember this does suck some battery life)

Stay safe out there!



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