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The future of geo location – A look at GEOLOQI #geolocation @geoloqi

In previous blogs we have talked to you about apps that make use of geolocation technology. One example we gave was the meetme app that allowed you to know more about people who were close to you, in a particular area and time.  Well there is a startup, geoloqi,  that specializes in geolocation services for apps. In other words they provide the platform and tools that will allow you to incorporate geolocation services into your already existing apps.  Below are some examples of apps that could make use of the service

  • Retail services:  Imagine you walk into your favorite store, and automatically receive updates about deals in the store.  Geo location services could be used for this.  The store could even know when you walked through their geo fence and greet you as you walk in!  Now that would be pretty cool. (like a scene from irobot)
  • Real Estate: Suppose you have downloaded an app for real estate. If this app is taking advantage of Geo services, you could receive information about houses real time as you drive through the neighborhoods.
  • Home settings: Imagine your house knows when you are on your way home?  Geo location could let your house know that you are close and the heat will be turned on automatically and the lights 🙂

I could see some negative with geolocation……maybe your company tracking your every move?? or your parents?, or a kidnapper knowing where to wait for you! Nevertheless, the potential for geolocation services are limitless and companies like GEOLOQI are well positioned to tackle this fun space moving forward.

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