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Facebook Friends (With Benefits) – new app is making that happen #bangwithfriends


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There is an app, that was launched in 2013, and in just one week had over 20,000 users.  There is an app that that has been mentioned in over 100 blogs,  and yet nobody can identify the apps creator. There is an app that has inspired a number of copycats in just its second week of existence.  There is a controversial app, that is guaranteed to anger many people, but never the less debuted with a bang (pun intended :))

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the app bang with friends.  Yes, you heard me correctly. This is not a dating app, this is an app for individuals who would like to sleep with their facebook friends.  Think of it as a less weird technological version of craigslist.
This is how it works,

  • You download the app
  • Then you create a list of all the friends you would like to hook up with
  • If one of these friends has also included you in their list the app will make the connection
  • If not, nobody knows the list even exists

Its an interesting concept, but we at smile and mobile think in the long run this will have limited success. You know if they just turned this into a ‘date with friends’ app I think it would be way more successful!

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