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Will facebook be the new Advertising King! Google beware.

Is “sponsored stories” a revolutionary advertising model?

Once again facebook is taking advantage of its 1 billion users to create a unique advertising experience. If you have the news feed, and have ‘liked’ a business, or ‘checked-in’ to a location at some point, you are helping participate in this process.  ‘Sponsored links’ are advertising posts that show up in the news feed or on the side bar.  
Anytime you ‘like’ a restaurant,song, business etc, it show up on your news feed.  At some point the company, artist etc can decide to purchase advertising using these likes.  This will then show up on your news feed (example picture above shows “John likes Samsung”).  Now your friends see it and may go to that same page and like it too.  This is one of the many innovations Facebook has come up with to compete with Google and others for the almighty advertising dollars.  Many have wondered if Facebook is sustainable since it does not seem to have any real purpose (aside from just looking at pictures of friends).  However,  with products like this creating very specific and targeted advertising, we can definitely say they will be around for a while.  I mean the best kind of advertising are the ones that have been recommended by your friends right??
We at Smile and Mobile give the sponsored names tool two big thumbs up!

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