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First you had Pandora and Spotify and now……………………….Nokia+

Well if it wasn’t official before, it definitely is now.  Buying music is soon going to be a thing of the past.  Nokia is getting into the online streaming game.  Much like the very popular spotify and Pandora radio.   With Nokia+ you will be able to create stations like the other streaming apps but there are some new innovations not offered with the other guys

  • Unlimited Skips – Remember how pandora lets you skip only 6 times, then after that you have to wait an hour before you can skip to the next song?  Well you don’t have to worry about that with Nokia +.  Best feature ever!
  • lyrics – Now you get the lyrics for every song you are streaming…Nice.  Maybe I can actually learn the words to some verses and not just the chorus!
  • Unlimited downloads – You can download the songs to your phone, and listen to it later even if you don’t have a wireless connection!!!! ding ding ding….we have a winner!

There is also a desktop application for use when you are away from your phone.

So there you have it, with youtube , pandora, and spotify I pretty much stopped buying music …and now there is services like nokia+ (its not totally free, there will be a subscription service $3.99/mnth) is just another move in that direction.



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