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Want to know who is around you at any time?? technology can tell you that #datingapp

If  you have been reading our blog, then you will notice that we at smile and mobile like apps that bring us all together! because let us face it, the more people get together, the happier they get, and happy people like to smile 🙂  That is really all we are about!

So today I want to tell you about the new meetme app.  This is a pretty cool app that gives you information about who is around your location at any particular time (the people have to be willing to chat).  Alot like that “pouncer app” from the movie hit and run! (watch it, and you will get the funny in that statement :))

The app uses Geo location to identify people close that want to chat.   We have been saying this for a long time, networking is going virtual.  Online meetings are becoming mainstream, and the meetme app is just another example of that.  We checked it out, and it works relatively well. There are some server issues, and it freezes every now and then.  Also, as with much of the internet, you better watch out for the weirdos, and there are plenty of them!!  However, this is still a very good idea, if someone can tweak this idea to use with “facebook graph” it could be revolutionary!

So smile and mobile give two thumbs up to virtual meeting



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