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Is your phone safe (Part 2) – Cheaters beware! your boyfriend/Girlfriend might be spying on you right now!!

So in the next chapter of our phone security series, we will look at spyware.  As the name suggests, spyware is software that is installed on a computer with the sole purpose of snooping around and recording our activity.

It is well known in the desktop world, as a way hackers were able to obtain password information, and bank account details.  People have also used it to spy on their spouses…I once knew somebody that had spyware on this desktop computer that recorded “key strokes”.  Key stroke recording means everything you type is recorded to a document.  When he went through that document later in the day, he found out that she had been chatting with an old boyfriend on AOL! He also found out that they were having an affair…Bummer!

Since the world is going mobile, hackers have started updating their scripts to focus on our phones.  Software like Flexispy and Mobilespy can be downloaded to somebodies phone and will be able to record everything happening on that phone!!!! It should be noted that although the software is legal, spying on people is not!! Of course this will never deter a jealous spouse……………..So Cheaters beware, dont give your phone to anybody and make sure your phone is password protected!!




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