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Networking in the air?

Well social media is about to penetrate another aspect of our lives.  Apparently some airlines are giving people the ability to chose who they sit  next to on a flight.  KLMs new “meet and seat” service allows passengers to select their seat partners based on their facebook and linkedin profiles.  So you can chose to sit next to a banker from London or a Musician from Tennessee. This is a pretty snazzy idea.  Finding out who is about to sit next to you on a plane has always been a nerve racking experience for me.  I always sit down nervously staring at the other passengers as they walk down the aisles, holding my breath everytime a guy over 6ft stops near my seat. (Hey I am 6ft, we cant have two 6fters sitting next to each other!!). I have been paired up with people that would not stop talking about their puppies, or a sales guy who once tried to sell me insurance products through the entire flight!
Picking your flight partner would be a great idea………but now wait a minute, what happens if 5 people want to sit down with the same person?? Does the price of that seat go up? hmmmmm maybe its not such a good Idea after all….KLM you sly dogs 🙂




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