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The wallet will never be the same! goodbye credit cards and cash!!

Every time I drive in my car, I end up with a sore butt. Not because of the fun raunchy sexual escapade I had the night before (ofcourse not, Im a nerd :))  but because my damn wallet is so big and heavy, and it is digging into my right butt cheek.  However, I cannot get rid of it, because I need everything in there………or do I?

Digital wallets may be changing this trend.  Companies like Square are making waves in this sector which promises to revolutionize the way we make payments in the future.

Here is how it works: You get the app and link all your credit cards to the phone.  When you are about to go to a restaurant or a store (must be a store that accepts square payments) you open your tab.. As soon as you get there you just say your name and collect your items…no cash or cards necessary. By opening your tab the store knows you are coming, and bills your card directly for what you have bought.

hmmm I wonder what would happen if somebody got a hold of your phone?? at this rate the mobile phone is turning into the most important accessory a human being could ever have……no worries, that is why you have Smile & Mobile to keep you up to speed on everything!



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