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Will Facebook make it easy for you to find a date??? Stalking made easier maybe :)

Good ol Zuckerberg started Facebook as kind of a way to meet girls,  and who knows with the new “graph search” feature, it may turn out to be a new way for single people to meet.  I have to tell you….as somebody that has previously dabbled in online dating, a Facebook feature that improves dating possibilities will blow the other sites out of the water.  Why? Because people prefer to date people that are recommended by people they know.  It makes them a lot less creepy 🙂

Realistically, Graph search was not created for dating. It is basically a tool that will allow you look for photos, people and places based on people in your social network. They will also see content from friends of their friends if that content was specified as public.

So you can type things like: “Restaurant liked by friends in india” – This would obviously be a very good way of identifying possible authentic indian restaruants 🙂

You could also type: “friends of my friends who are single and live in NY” 🙂

So there you have it……..its a bit cheeky, but facebook may have just crept into the online dating game…….or stalking game!

Time to start updating your privacy settings!




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