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track your luggage app

The flight was long, the meal was sub par, but you are very excited as the wheels of the plane touch down at your destination. The passengers clap and everybody flocks out to baggage claim, ready to pickup their luggage and venture into the city.  You stand there for 30 minutes and watch everybody else get their luggage except you.  That is when it dawns on you………the airline has lost your luggage……Again! (has happened to me TWICE). Now you have to buy a whole new wardrobe for the week in this new city!

Have no fear travelers TRACKDOT is here.  This is a device that you place in your luggage, that will allow you to track your luggage with your phone.  It uses GPS tracking to keep you informed on your luggage location.  Hey, if the airline cant figure this out, then we will just have to do it for them…they better not charge us the $25 though!!



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