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Apple going bargain basement!

Apple products are generally more expensive than their electronic counterparts.  They are not considered electronics but more like fashion statement for your room or outfit, this may soon be changing.  Over the years apple has seen substantial reduction in market share from fierce rivals Samsung.  This has forced the current CEO to come up with a new strategy………..Build cheaper, lower quality phones!!!! What!! IS this apple??? Is Steve Jobs squirming in his grave right now???

Truth be told apple has gone through similar pains in the past, even when jobs was at the helm. In 1997 jobs even had to look to his arch enemy Bill Gates (of Microsoft) for funding.  They still managed to turn it around.  So have no fear Apple fanatics innovation did not start and will not end with jobs at apple. Keep in Mind Samsung started as a noodle trading company, but the founders son hired smart people who have made it what it is today…………

Market goes in cycles, apple just seems to currently be on a down cycle



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